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Banned Carls Jr SuperBowl Commercial! Due to sexual content

Three Different Ottawa Canada shootings: 1 gunman dead at Parliament, soldier shot at war memorial

Parliament Hill has come under attack after a man with a rifle shot a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. A gunman inside Parliament has been confirmed dead. Ottawa police say shots were fired at three locations in Ottawa and one suspect is believed still at large.


Anti-cop, Anti-white, Anti-gun Black Militant Missouri Democratic State Senator Jamilah Nasheed arrested while protesting FOR thug criminal Michael Brown, with 9mm pistol, refuses breathalyzer test although she reek of alcohol and bad weed - Sounds like your typical Negro! Gun, Booze & Weed!

Missouri Democratic State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is also the elected official who wanted the county prosecutor to step down from the fatal police shooting investigation of Michael Brown because the prosecutor's father was a cop who was murdered by a black man 50 years ago.

PHOTO: Why is Missouri Democratic State Senator Jamilah Nasheed smiling when she has been ARRESTED? Because in the LAWLESS WELFARE BLACK GHETTO NEIGHBORHOODS an arrest lends one to "earn" credence and respect from her fellow animals!

Earlier this week, Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who has sponsored several anti-gun bills, was arrested while protesting in front of the Ferguson Police Department, The Blaze reported Tuesday. What made the arrest interesting is that Nasheed was carrying a 9mm handgun with extra ammunition.

Authorities also said Nasheed “smelled strongly of intoxicants." But Nasheed refused to take a breathalyzer test and maintains she was not intoxicated.

"Sen. Nasheed, along with another male, entered the street, were told numerous times by not only by the St. Louis County commander, but other officers on scene, that they needed to leave the street or they were subject to arrest," said St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman. "They failed to comply, and they were taken into custody."

The arrest was conducted without incident, CBS St. Louis said. Nasheed, however, chanted as she was taken away. On Tuesday, Nasheed said hers was a “symbolic arrest” to send a “message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown.”

But her arrest and news that she was in possession of a firearm brought charges of hypocrisy. According to attorney Eric Vickers, Nasheed needs the gun for her own protection and Nasheed says she holds a concealed carry permit. But if Nasheed had her way, other Missourians would not have the same right.


Another Great Airline Commercial from the past - Continental Airlines - We Move Our Tail For You

Michael Brown autopsy CONFIRMS IT, Ferguson MO Police Officer Darren Wilson's account indicate teen went for Ferguson cop’s gun, had marijuana in his system: report

All those rioting and looting Negroes were wrong! All the race baiters were wrong! The pandering media was wrong!
'Hands up, don’t shoot' protesters have it wrong, an independent review of Michael Brown’s autopsy reportedly shows. Nearly three months after unrest began in Ferguson, Mo., medical results point to a close-range struggle between the black teen and Officer Darren Wilson.

Michael Brown was shot to death in a confrontation with police on Aug. 9.

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's account of the confrontation in which Michael Brown was fatally shot has reportedly been leaked, with an independent medical examiner's report backing up his version of events.

Brown had marijuana in his system and was shot at close range in the hand, backing up claims by a police officer that that there was a violent struggle between the Ferguson, Mo. teen and the cop, an independent medical examiner told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The report supports Wilson's account, given after he shot and killed the 18-year-old on Aug. 9. Witnesses claimed the teen was surrendering when the cop fired. Police maintained Wilson only used his gun after Brown tried to take it – a life-and-death fight inside a police SUV.

A source familiar with Wilson’s version of events, as told to investigators, said the 'incredibly strong' teen punched Wilson and then pressed the barrel of the cop’s gun against the officer’s hip and fought for control of the trigger, the Post-Dispatch said.

Once Wilson finally had the gun, he fired. But Brown’s hand blocked the mechanism, according to the St. Louis newspaper.


"Light in the Loafers" Scott Stern - Florida Catholic high school wrestling coach accused of beating naked students

Scott Stern, a history teacher and wrestling coach at Clearwater Central High School, allegedly ordered the teens to remove their clothing. He is charged with assaulting them by beating their buttocks, grabbing their penises. Stern resigned two weeks ago.

A 45-year-old Catholic high school wrestling coach and history teacher has been arrested and charged with battery for allegedly "punishing" two students by forcing them to get undressed, then beating their bare bodies, authorities said.

Scott Stern was taken into custody on Tuesday in Florida by Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies, WFLA-TV reported.

His alleged victims were two male students at Clearwater Central High School. Stern resigned two weeks ago. Deputies began investigating earlier this month after receiving a complaint, WABC-TV reported.

Chicago Police Board decides ex-cop Slawomir Plewa should get his job back

A fired Chicago cop caught up in a plan to plant drugs and a gun in a suburban woman’s car got his job back after the city’s police board this month took a second look at the case.

The Chicago Police Board ruled Oct. 16 that Slawomir Plewa should be “reprimanded” for his misconduct, not fired — as the board ruled last year.

“He is extremely relieved and he’s exhausted from this entire process,” Plewa’s attorney, Dan Herbert, said Tuesday. “It’s been a long and arduous legal battle.”

Plewa will be reinstated and receive back pay, a police source said.

Earlier this year, Cook County Judge Diane Larsen — citing a lack of evidence — ruled the board went too far when it chose to fire Plewa. The officer was charged in 2008 in connection with a scheme to plant drugs and gun in a suburban woman’s car. Though a judge later found Plewa not guilty in that case, the same judge criticized Plewa for allegedly lying on the witness stand in a related criminal case.


Dean Martin and Phil Harris as True News USA breaks for station identification along the True News USA broadcasting network

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Colored Teen Laquan McDonald shot by Chicago police on Southwest Side - 4100 South Pulaski Road

Chicago Police shot a teenage colored boy on the Southwest Side Monday night.
The 17-year-old boy was shot at 9:47 p.m. in the 4100 block of South Pulaski, according to police and a spokesman for the officers’ union.
No officers were injured.
The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating.


Two patients are being monitored in isolation at The University of Chicago Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center after reporting Ebola-like symptoms, officials say. Neither patient is believed to have been exposed to the disease.

The Chicago Department of Public Health emphasizes that no case of Ebola has been confirmed and they are acting out of an abundance of caution.

According to officials, a child passenger was traveling from Liberia to O'Hare International Airport when they became ill on the plane. Upon landing, the passenger was immediately screened by federal authorities and found to have no fever and no symptoms other than reportedly vomiting once during the flight. The passenger has no known risk of exposure.

The passenger's family was also screened and found to have no symptoms and no risk of exposure. Abiding by city protocols, which go above and beyond CDC requirements, the family is under quarantine until evaluation is complete.


Orland Park Cops: Negro Teen arrested after armed carjacking of a white man at Orland Square Mall

A black teenager has been charged with using a pellet gun to hijack a man’s vehicle Friday night in the parking lot at Orland Square Mall.

The white man was leaving his job at the mall, 428 Orland Square Drive, Orland Park, about 10:15 p.m. when a teen approached as he was putting items in his car, according to Orland Park police.

The teen pulled out a black handgun and demanded the man’s keys, police said.

The vehicle later was spotted by police eastbound on 151st Street. The officer turned on his emergency lights and siren and began following, but the teen drove south on 80th Avenue then west on 159th Street. Police said the teen was “driving erratically,” so the officer stopped the chase.

Later, an off-duty police officer saw the vehicle turning into a dead-end on Brassie Court. The teen ran from the vehicle and after a “short pursuit” was taken into custody, police said.

The teen, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, was petitioned to juvenile court, police said. He also had an active juvenile warrant from Chicago for vehicular hijacking.

No one was hurt. Police said a pellet gun was found in the vehicle.

Pres Obama Ordering 34 Million Blank Green Cards for Illegal Alien Amnesty Plan

With some lawmakers predicting a sweeping executive order on immigration from President Barack Obama after the Nov. 4 elections, one federal agency is already making plans to hire a vendor to crank out up to 34 million  blank green cards to accommodate an expected surge in immigrants in 2016.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has published a draft solicitation for a contractor capable of producing 4 million cards a year for five years — and 9 million in the early stages — that would allow immigrants to live and work in the country, Breitbart reports.

One estimate suggests 34 million cards will be printed in total.

An official from the government agency told MailOnline on Monday a plan was developed "in case the president makes the move we think he will," even though the agency's Document Management Division isn't yet committing to buying the materials.

Another official cautioned the plan was only a "contingency" in case immigration reform legislation passes in Congress, stressing to MailOnline it wasn't in anticipation of an Obama executive order.

The president was rebuffed by Congress to enact immigration reform — which Republicans have decried as an "amnesty" for millions of illegal immigrants, including hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors who poured into the United States through the southern border with Mexico this summer – and has vowed to go it alone.

The executive action's timetable has since shifted to after the crucial midterm elections.
The latest draft solicitation "seems to indicate that the president is contemplating an enormous executive action that is even more expansive than the plan that Congress rejected in the 'Gang of Eight' bill," Jessica Vaughn, an immigration expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Breitbart.

The green cards – officially known as Permanent Residency Cards – and Employment Authorization Documentation cards are used for participants in Obama's controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Known as "DREAMers," the program's participants came to the United States illegally as children.

A total of 862,000 people have been approved for such documentation by USCIS through June.

But according to the draft solicitation, "the guaranteed minimum for each ordering period is 4,000,000 cards. ... The estimated maximum for the entire contract is 34,000,000 cards."

On CNN's "Inside Politics" Monday, moderator John King said he unilateral executive action promised by Obama for after the midterm elections will kick off confrontation, not compromise, from Republicans driven by anger and frustration in their conservative grass-roots voter base.

"Well, if you believed perhaps there would be room and motivation for a deal after the 2014 midterms — think again," King said.

"I was so struck by conversations in Colorado, in Kansas and Iowa — just pure frustration; a belief among conservative Republicans that this problem is getting worse.

"What does that tell you? It tells you there is no prospect for any compromise legislation during the final two years of the Obama presidency," King said.

"If the president uses his executive power as promised, Republicans will be pushing the grass-roots for confrontation, not compromise. An issue we thought after 2014 Republicans would try to deal with, will be with us until 2016 and beyond."

There is little doubt that Obama is determined to take action.

"There appears to be little political space for House Speaker John Boehner and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, who could well be majority leader in January, to negotiate any deal that would be acceptable to Obama," CNN reports.

"When the president takes executive actions, as he promises to do after the election unless there is some legislative breakthrough, it is clear the conservative grass-roots will demand confrontation, leaving the issue front and center as we head into the 2016 presidential cycle."

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2 Illegal Beaners - Miguel Carrasquillo, 40 and Jose Godinez, 29, charged with train graffiti had CTA keys, uniforms: Police - PRETTY LUCKY THEY WERE TAGGERS AND NOT TERRORISTS

Wilmette police are investigating how two Chicago men wearing CTA uniforms and carrying CTA keys allegedly broke into a rail yard to spray paint three CTA rail cars.

Officers said they were responding to a report of three people who may have been involved in a drug deal and stopped a car with two men matching the description near the CTA Linden stop about 5 p.m.

As the men were being questioned by police during that stop, a CTA employee in the rail yard notified Wilmette police about new graffiti on some train cars. When they are out of service, Purple Line train cars sit in a rail yard near the Linden station, the northern end of the Purple Line.

Police said they searched the men's car and found more than 30 cans of spray paint, CTA maps, gloves and pictures.

The men were wearing CTA shirts, hats and traffic vests and carrying a set of keys that allowed them to access to restricted CTA areas, police said.

The men have not been employed by the CTA, Wilmette Police Sgt. Solveig Gehrken said.

"We don't know how they obtained the keys," Gehrken said.

CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said she could not comment on a pending investigation and referred calls to Wilmette Police.

Miguel Carrasquillo, 40, of 5811 W. Walton St., and Jose Godinez, 29, of 1946 S. Racine Ave., were charged with felony criminal damage to property in the Thursday incident.


Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee dies at 93

Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, who oversaw the newspaper's coverage of the Watergate scandal that toppled President Richard Nixon, died on Tuesday at age 93, the paper said.

As executive editor from 1968 until 1991, Bradlee became one of the most important figures in Washington, as well as part of journalism history, while transforming the Post from a staid morning daily into one of the most dynamic and respected publications in the United States.

Bradlee died at his home in Washington of natural causes, the paper said.


Back to Back Sheriff Tom Dart News Flashes - Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart shunned by Indiana authorities!

Sheriff Dart shunned by Indiana authorities! 

Sheriff Tom Dart throws temper tantrum over publicity given to Indiana serial killer. Inside sources claim the great sheriff had another meltdown this week. According to multiple sources, Dart is not too impressed lately with his cold case squad's ability to grab him headlines. He allegedly threatened to send his cold case/Gacy investigators back to the Beat unless they started to perform. The publicity given to Indiana authorities in highly reported serial killer case was the stressor that appears to have thrown the sheriff over the cliff.

Source claims Indiana authorities is ignoring Dart's request for information sharing in suspected killer Darren Deon Vann's known whereabouts in recent years. Dart has opened cold case squad to determine if suspect Vann was involved in other unsolved murders in Southern Cook County. Dart has once again has found unlimited funding and resources to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.  

Media Outraged that Sheriff Tom Dart Cancelled a Press Conference Following yet another Cook County Correctional Officer Indictment - Jason "Murda" Marek, 29, was allegedly living a double life — using his day job to smuggle sandwiches stuffed with marijuana into the county jail

Media vents at Dart for canceling press conference after another federal indictment is announced!

He went by the street name “Murda,” the feds say.

If so, it wasn’t a good moniker for a Cook County Jail guard.

But Jason Marek, 29, was allegedly living a double life —  using his day job to smuggle sandwiches stuffed with marijuana into the county jail.

A federal complaint unsealed Tuesday alleges he teamed up with three inmates, including one, Lavangelist Powell, who was awaiting trial for solicitation of murder, to smuggle the weed.

The plan allegedly called for “Jim Shoe” sandwiches — a classic mutli-ethnic Chicago sub stuffed with corned beef, Italian beef and gyro meat — hollowed out so that baggies of marijuana could be hidden inside.

Marek was arrested early Tuesday morning and, wearing a brown hoodie and military-style boots, made a brief appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey T. Gilbert in court alongside three co-defendants Tuesday lunchtime.

The complaint says he was stopped carrying two sandwiches stuffed with nearly three ounces of marijuana, plus a bag full of contraband cigarettes in June last year. He took a $200 bribe to make the delivery, it’s alleged.

According to the charges, an ounce of marijuana, which sells for approximately $200 outside the jail, could be sold for five times as much, or $1,000, inside the jail.

Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart initially called a news conference to discuss the arrests Tuesday afternoon, but later cancelled it. He issued a brief statement, saying, “Rooting out corruption in the Cook County Jail is a top priority of mine.

VIDEO: 33 Police Officers Fire 600 Bullets into Car Knowing It Contained a Hostage, Killing Her - The attorney for the family of Misty Holt-Singh spoke at a press conference, questioning the police department’s actions. Maybe if she wasn't in America ILLEGAL she would still be alive????

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Negro Dallas Cowboys Running Back Joseph Randle lands underwear endorsement deal after shoplifting arrest - Randle was hired by the underwear company, MeUndies, which was the brand of underwear he was stealing

The millionaire sports player had to revert to the Negro crime genes that are in him and shoplift!
And since he is BLACK and a CRIMINAL he gets rewarded with a endorsement contract!

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle is trying to turn his arrest for shoplifting at a Frisco mall into a positive, and will be donating $15,000 worth of underwear and clothes to children in need in the Dallas area after partnering with MeUndies. Randle was fined one week’s pay after being charged with a Class B misdemeanor, and called the incident “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.”
MeUndies announced the deal with a statement on Twitter.

Ex-Harlem Globetrotter Rico Omarr Harris goes missing during California road trip - Police check Russian Bath Houses he was known to hang at

A former Harlem Globetrotter has disappeared while headed from his home in Alhambra to see his girlfriend in Seattle, authorities said.

Sheriff's deputies found 37-year-old Rico Omarr Harris' abandoned black Nissan at the Yolo County Regional Parks Lower Site on State Route 16 near Rumsey in Northern California on Oct. 13 and haven't heard from him since. His car battery may have died.

Harris was planning to move in with his longtime girlfriend in Seattle and had set out to visit her about 1 a.m. Oct. 10.

His mother, with whom he lived in Alhambra, told police that she last spoke to him at 9 a.m. that morning while he was driving through Sacramento, according to the Yolo County Sheriff's Department.


Man in critical condition after being beaten at Sunday's Chicago Bears football tailgate party - But still not beat as bad as the Chicago Bears were on Sunday

A 57-year-old man was left in critical condition after he was found beaten in a McCormick Place parking lot Sunday morning before a Chicago Bears game.

Shortly before 11 a.m. Sunday, officers got a call about a battery victim in the parking lot. According to preliminary reports, the man was involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical, according to the Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs.

The man was taken in critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said police.

Preliminary reports did not indicate where the man lived, police said.

As of 11:06 a.m. Tuesday, no one was in custody for the attack and Area Central detectives were investigating.

VIDEO: Man falls off dock trying to take selfie during live TV interview

A man plummeted straight into the water, and a TV crew caught the whole incident in what’s believed to be Beirut, Lebanon.

Transgender FDNY Faggot Homo Firefighter Brooke Guinan — a third-generation smoke & man ass eater — tapped as poster child for global LGBT campaign

McDonald’s Restaurant profit plunged 30 percent in the third quarter, as many whites refuse to go to the restaurant anymore - Years of pandering and catering to the inner cities has destroyed McDonald's

McDonald’s profit plunged 30 percent in the third quarter, as visits to its restaurants fell in all of its major markets.

McDonald's CEO Don Thompson was blunt in his assessment of the results, saying that “by all measures our performance fell short of our expectations."

Sales at restaurants open at least a year fell 3.3 percent, an even deeper decline than the 3 percent fall predicted by analysts, according to Consensus Metrix.

Thompson went on to say that the company recognizes it must demonstrate both to customers and to those in the company “that we understand the problems we face and are taking decisive action to fundamentally change the way we approach our business."


Illegal Beaner Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, gets stuck in chimney trying to sneak into home of her boyfriend

An Illegal Beaner residing in California tried to sneak into a house through the chimney got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters, who used dish soap to help extricate the soot-covered intruder, authorities said on Monday.

Local media reports say the woman, identified by police as Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, tried on Sunday to enter the Los Angeles-area house of a man who said he met her online, and that when she got stuck she started screaming for help.

Firefighters who arrived found her about 7 feet down the chimney, which they took apart brick by brick down to the roof line, Ventura County Department spokesman Bill Nash said.

"She's stuck in there and obviously she doesn't need bricks falling down on her on top of that," Nash said.