Thursday, October 23, 2014

MORE CHICAGO SUBURB NEGRO VIOLENCE - 1 dead, 1 wounded in Richton Park shooting - Anywhere the Negro goes.... DEATH AND VIOLENCE FOLLOWS

Police near the scene where two men were shot, one fatally, Wednesday night in Richton Park.

One colored man is dead and another wounded following a shooting near a Richton Park business this evening, police said.

Police were called to near an AutoZone store, 3650 Sauk Trail in the south suburb, about 7 p.m., and found one man unresponsive on the sidewalk and another with a gunshot wound at a nearby business, Richton Park Police Chief Elvia Williams said in a release. The man found on the sidewalk was dead, police said.

The wounded man was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the release.

Police did not give detailed information about those shot, but said both were adults. Police released no information regarding the circumstances of the shooting.

Police are working with the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force to investigate the shooting.

Yet another federal lawsuit slams Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart - Correctional Officers Let White Female Inmate GET RAPED in his JAIL!

Another shocking Federal lawsuit against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. White female medical student in jail on minor drug charge raped and brutalized as guards watched and did nothing according to 42 page complaint. Lawsuit seeking millions in damages filed by Kathleen T. Zellner who is top rated female attorney in Illinois.

According to allegations in the complaint, the woman was targeted by other inmates because they believed she was a snitch but also because of her skin color, calling her an "albino," "cracker" and "Yankee."

The complaint outlines several separate assaults, which began Nov. 23 when the woman was sexually assaulted in a shower by a female inmate who is facing a murder charge, according to the lawsuit. Two other inmates allegedly stood guard during the assault. The plaintiff immediately told a correctional officer, but no action was taken, she alleges.

The woman was subsequently beaten or harassed by other inmates during her time at the jail, the lawsuit said. In one instance she was deeply cut on her thigh with a razor blade. Her eyebrow also was slashed, her nose was broken and clumps of her hair were yanked out, the lawsuit states.

Staff also was aware of later beatings but did nothing, according to the lawsuit. In one instance, a sergeant is alleged to have announced to a room of inmates that the woman was a snitch.

The woman's two sisters — one an attorney, the other a physician — made numerous calls to the jail to complain. This initially resulted in the woman being assigned to solitary confinement, but by early December she received extensive medical care and was visited by a rape counselor, according to the suit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Banned Carls Jr SuperBowl Commercial! Due to sexual content

Three Different Ottawa Canada shootings: 1 gunman dead at Parliament, soldier shot at war memorial

Parliament Hill has come under attack after a man with a rifle shot a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. A gunman inside Parliament has been confirmed dead. Ottawa police say shots were fired at three locations in Ottawa and one suspect is believed still at large.


Anti-cop, Anti-white, Anti-gun Black Militant Missouri Democratic State Senator Jamilah Nasheed arrested while protesting FOR thug criminal Michael Brown, with 9mm pistol, refuses breathalyzer test although she reek of alcohol and bad weed - Sounds like your typical Negro! Gun, Booze & Weed!

Missouri Democratic State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is also the elected official who wanted the county prosecutor to step down from the fatal police shooting investigation of Michael Brown because the prosecutor's father was a cop who was murdered by a black man 50 years ago.

PHOTO: Why is Missouri Democratic State Senator Jamilah Nasheed smiling when she has been ARRESTED? Because in the LAWLESS WELFARE BLACK GHETTO NEIGHBORHOODS an arrest lends one to "earn" credence and respect from her fellow animals!

Earlier this week, Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who has sponsored several anti-gun bills, was arrested while protesting in front of the Ferguson Police Department, The Blaze reported Tuesday. What made the arrest interesting is that Nasheed was carrying a 9mm handgun with extra ammunition.

Authorities also said Nasheed “smelled strongly of intoxicants." But Nasheed refused to take a breathalyzer test and maintains she was not intoxicated.

"Sen. Nasheed, along with another male, entered the street, were told numerous times by not only by the St. Louis County commander, but other officers on scene, that they needed to leave the street or they were subject to arrest," said St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman. "They failed to comply, and they were taken into custody."

The arrest was conducted without incident, CBS St. Louis said. Nasheed, however, chanted as she was taken away. On Tuesday, Nasheed said hers was a “symbolic arrest” to send a “message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown.”

But her arrest and news that she was in possession of a firearm brought charges of hypocrisy. According to attorney Eric Vickers, Nasheed needs the gun for her own protection and Nasheed says she holds a concealed carry permit. But if Nasheed had her way, other Missourians would not have the same right.


Another Great Airline Commercial from the past - Continental Airlines - We Move Our Tail For You

Michael Brown autopsy CONFIRMS IT, Ferguson MO Police Officer Darren Wilson's account indicate teen went for Ferguson cop’s gun, had marijuana in his system: report

All those rioting and looting Negroes were wrong! All the race baiters were wrong! The pandering media was wrong!
'Hands up, don’t shoot' protesters have it wrong, an independent review of Michael Brown’s autopsy reportedly shows. Nearly three months after unrest began in Ferguson, Mo., medical results point to a close-range struggle between the black teen and Officer Darren Wilson.

Michael Brown was shot to death in a confrontation with police on Aug. 9.

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's account of the confrontation in which Michael Brown was fatally shot has reportedly been leaked, with an independent medical examiner's report backing up his version of events.

Brown had marijuana in his system and was shot at close range in the hand, backing up claims by a police officer that that there was a violent struggle between the Ferguson, Mo. teen and the cop, an independent medical examiner told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The report supports Wilson's account, given after he shot and killed the 18-year-old on Aug. 9. Witnesses claimed the teen was surrendering when the cop fired. Police maintained Wilson only used his gun after Brown tried to take it – a life-and-death fight inside a police SUV.

A source familiar with Wilson’s version of events, as told to investigators, said the 'incredibly strong' teen punched Wilson and then pressed the barrel of the cop’s gun against the officer’s hip and fought for control of the trigger, the Post-Dispatch said.

Once Wilson finally had the gun, he fired. But Brown’s hand blocked the mechanism, according to the St. Louis newspaper.


"Light in the Loafers" Scott Stern - Florida Catholic high school wrestling coach accused of beating naked students

Scott Stern, a history teacher and wrestling coach at Clearwater Central High School, allegedly ordered the teens to remove their clothing. He is charged with assaulting them by beating their buttocks, grabbing their penises. Stern resigned two weeks ago.

A 45-year-old Catholic high school wrestling coach and history teacher has been arrested and charged with battery for allegedly "punishing" two students by forcing them to get undressed, then beating their bare bodies, authorities said.

Scott Stern was taken into custody on Tuesday in Florida by Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies, WFLA-TV reported.

His alleged victims were two male students at Clearwater Central High School. Stern resigned two weeks ago. Deputies began investigating earlier this month after receiving a complaint, WABC-TV reported.

Chicago Police Board decides ex-cop Slawomir Plewa should get his job back

A fired Chicago cop caught up in a plan to plant drugs and a gun in a suburban woman’s car got his job back after the city’s police board this month took a second look at the case.

The Chicago Police Board ruled Oct. 16 that Slawomir Plewa should be “reprimanded” for his misconduct, not fired — as the board ruled last year.

“He is extremely relieved and he’s exhausted from this entire process,” Plewa’s attorney, Dan Herbert, said Tuesday. “It’s been a long and arduous legal battle.”

Plewa will be reinstated and receive back pay, a police source said.

Earlier this year, Cook County Judge Diane Larsen — citing a lack of evidence — ruled the board went too far when it chose to fire Plewa. The officer was charged in 2008 in connection with a scheme to plant drugs and gun in a suburban woman’s car. Though a judge later found Plewa not guilty in that case, the same judge criticized Plewa for allegedly lying on the witness stand in a related criminal case.


Dean Martin and Phil Harris as True News USA breaks for station identification along the True News USA broadcasting network