Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two Men Found Dead In Plainfield Illinois House - Naked & in Doggy Style Gay Sex Position????

Plainfield police are investigating the deaths of two men who were found unresponsive Monday morning in a home in the far southwest suburban village, police said.

The bodies were removed by the Will County coroner's office from a single-family home in the 13300 block of Millbank Drive, according to Plainfield police Chief John Konopek.

The names and ages of the men had not been released as of late Monday afternoon.

Plainfield police Sgt. Mike Fisher said police were notified by the homeowner about the men, but it has not been determined what connection he has with them. An autopsy and toxicology tests were planned.

Monday, June 29, 2015


A Cook County judge released evidence to defense attorneys yesterday that could undermine a high-profile criminal case against a Chicago Police Commander.

Judge Diane Cannon released the findings by the city’s Inspector’s General office in their investigation of the agency that reviews police misconduct—the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA). While Cannon has placed a “gag order” on the case, information gleaned during several hearings indicates that the Inspector General’s office has conducted an investigation into IPRA, an investigation that could reveal misconduct within the agency, including possible misconduct in connection with Evans’ case.

The evidence was brought forward by the Cook County State’s Attorney, who told the judge it contained potentially exculpatory evidence against Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans, accused of putting a pistol in the mouth of suspect, Rickey J. Williams, a gang member, during an arrest in 2014.


CHICAGO POLICE: 16-year-old colored boy with a shaky past was charged with trying to kill a cop after the teen allegedly fired at a police officer in the Uptown neighborhood

A 16-year-old colored boy with a shaky past was charged with trying to kill a cop after the teen allegedly fired at a police officer in the Uptown neighborhood Sunday afternoon, officials said Monday.

The boy, who is from Chicago but whose name was not available, was charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of possessing a gun with a defaced serial number, said Officer Veejay Zala, a Chicago Police Department spokesman.

The charges stem from an incident that happened about 3 p.m. Sunday on the 4600 block of North Kenmore Avenue, police said.

According to police, the teen was running away from police when the boy turned and fired his weapon at the officer.

No one was injured.

IPRA recommends Chicago cop be fired for off-duty shooting while working security at a Mexican restaurant

The city agency that investigates the most serious misconduct allegations against Chicago police officers has recommended for the first time in its nearly eight-year history that an officer be fired for shooting someone.

The Independent Police Review Authority found that the off-duty officer was "inattentive to duty" when he fired 16 shots at the wrong car moments after a drive-by shooting outside a Mexican restaurant in the East Ukrainian Village neighborhood in 2011. The officer was working security at the restaurant.

The case against the officer hinges largely on video footage obtained from a surveillance camera at the restaurant that IPRA said clearly showed a red Mitsubishi Galant had fled the drive-by shooting by the time the officer opened fire at a blue Chrysler 300M car, wounding its driver.


Greek billionaire Alki David offer $250,000.00 CASH for anybody to streak naked in front of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel - Well we have a winner - Woman only known as - 26-year-old Bridgeport resident Jackie S - takes on $250,000 'streak Rahm' challenge at Pride Parade

When Greek billionaire Alki David said last week that he would pay $250,000 to anyone who streaked Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, there were plenty who were listening.

Enter 26-year-old Bridgeport resident Jackie S. (who kept her last name a secret because the stunt was illegal).

She took on the challenge Sunday during Chicago’s 46th annual Pride Parade, when she found Emanuel nearing the finish of the route.



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Chicago - 3 stabbed, 1 fatally, in Ravenswood incident fueled by Facebook threat: Cops

A woman with a juicy past was killed and two males were wounded in a domestic-related stabbing Monday afternoon in the city's Ravenswood neighborhood that was allegedly fueled by a Facebook threat, police said.

The stabbing happened about 3:30 p.m. in and alley behind the 2100 block of West Sunnyside Avenue, police said.


Colored Man With A Very Checkered Past, 23-year-old Alfontish Cockerham, Fatally Shot By Chicago Police - He was voted in High School As The Black Student Most Likely To Be Killed By A Cop

ONE OF MANY PREVIOUS MUGSHOTS OF: 23-year-old Alfontish Cockerham, known to his friends as "Retard Cock"

A man shot and wounded by Chicago police has now died, officials said.

An autopsy determined that 23-year-old Alfontish Cockerham died of complications from multiple gunshot wounds, officials said. His death has been ruled a homicide.

Cockerham died Thursday, five days after the shooting near 71st and Merrill in the city's South Shore neighborhood.

Police say officers opened fire when Cockerham allegedly drew a gun and pointed it at them.

One witness says he had dropped the gun and put his hands in the air when he was shot.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the shooting.

EXCLUSIVE: 'You hypocrite!' Fury as Baltimore chief prosecutor Marilyn Mosby gunning for Freddie Gray 'killer cops' poses for glamorous Vogue photoshoot - while trying to GAG defendants' lawyers

Marilyn Mosby accused of double standards for posing for Annie Leibovitz in Vogue

  • At same time she tried to gag defense lawyers for six cops accused of killing Freddie Gray, whose death led to Baltimore riots

  • She accused lawyers of trying to have 'publicity blitz' to derail chances of prosecution succeeding

  • Other lawyers accuse her of 'double standards' over conduct and warn that public must be able to  

The chief prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case has been slammed for trying to stop lawyers for the six accused police officers from talking to the media - while simultaneously appearing in Vogue.

Marilyn Mosby, the State's Attorney for Baltimore, is lauded as a 'heroine and lightning rod' in a celebrity-style profile for the famous fashion magazine.

The 2,000-word interview by writer Heidi Mitchell is accompanied by photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz, whose recent subjects include Caitlin Jenner, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. 

It applauds the glamorous 35-year-old attorney as doing 'what no lead prosecutor in America had done in many turbulent months: bring swift and severe charges against police officers in the death of a black man'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3143345/Baltimore-prosecutor-branded-hypocrite-poses-Vogue-photoshoot-tries-gag-lawyers-six-cops-accused-Freddie-Gray-murder.html#ixzz3eVtl9QHg 

Report: President Barack "Light in the Loafers" Obama Now Re-Thinking Anti-Cop Stance After Seeing Video Of NYPD Officer Dance At Gay Pride Parade…"The Loosy Anal Step-a-roo"

New York City Bill de Blasio signs law to ban employers from asking job candidates about prior criminal history

Here is TRUE NEWS USA response to this idiotic fricken LAW - If a new employee commits an act of work place violence or theft / property crime against the company or its employees, the CITY OF NEW YORK SHOULD BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MONETARY LIABILITIES AND/OR COURT JUDGEMENT FOR THOSE CRIMES - that would be obtained by the crime victims or their families. 
Political Correctness Run Amok!
Nobody is responsible for their criminal actions anymore!

Milwaukee Art Museum loves & embraces Niki Johnson's artwork, "Eggs Benedict," which is a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI fashioned from 17,000 colored condoms - as it draws public disgust

Had this same artist constructed a portrait of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad with condoms, the Milwaukee Art Museum would be ducking for cover while refusing to display such artwork 

Some claim the condom artwork of the pope makes him look cock-eyed

The decision by the Milwaukee Art Museum to acquire and prominently display a controversial portrait of Pope Benedict XVI fashioned from 17,000 colored condoms has created outrage among Catholics and others who see it as profoundly disrespectful, even blasphemous.

Many suggest that if a piece were as offensive to other faith traditions or communities it would not be tolerated, much less embraced.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki blasted the decision as insulting and callous. The museum acknowledged it has fielded about 200 complaints. A handful of patrons dropped their memberships; one longtime docent tendered her resignation; and at least one donor vowed never to support the museum financially again.


"Long Dong" Nathaniel Robert Warner, 19, sentenced for drunken, naked tussle in ER - Lee-Borgess Hospital in Dowagiac Michigan

CASSOPOLIS - Running naked and drunk through an emergency room and resisting police proved an unwise move for a Dowagiac teen.
Fortunately for him, he has a chance to keep a felony conviction off his record.
Nathaniel Robert Warner, 19, of Colby Street in Dowagiac pleaded guilty to resisting and obstructing police under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act and possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor and was sentenced Friday in Cass Circuit Court.
The incident occurred May 28 when police were called to Lee-Borgess Hospital in Dowagiac on a report of a naked male intoxicated and out of control.
Warner in court Friday called it "the biggest mistake of my life," adding "I'll never make that mistake again."
He must serve one year's probation and pay fines and costs of $1,368. If he completes the probation successfully, the felony charge of resisting and obstructing police will be taken off his record. The possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor conviction will stand.
Assistant Prosecutor Kirk Metzger disagreed with giving Warner the chance through the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.
"He threatened violence against officers and nurses," he said. "He endangered two officers and the hospital personnel. He was extremely intoxicated, he used profanity, was running around naked and physically resisting police."
"You urinated on the floor and had to be restrained," Judge Michael Dodge told Warner. "You hollered at police 'bring it on' and they had to Tase you to bring you to your senses. The probation department recommended HYTA. We understand that young people can make mistakes and do stupid things. This should be a wake-up call to you about the use of alcohol."
In another case, a Dowagiac man who choked his girlfriend after an argument over a television show received probation and jail.
Kyle Jeffery Hartman, 23, of Peavine Street pleaded guilty to assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and was sentenced to two years probation, 120 days in jail and $1,788 in fines and costs. He has credit for 65 days already served. He must complete a domestic violence treatment program.
The incident occurred April 22 at a home on Orchard Street in Dowagiac. Hartman started to choke the woman then head-butted her, injuring her in the eye.
Hartman apologized Friday for his actions. "I lost my temper, I feel real guilty about it," he said.
"You got out of control, and you have to pay the price," Dodge told him. "You got into an argument with the mother of your two children, you started choking her and head-butted her. It's also disturbing that this was not the first time you were physical with her.

"It looks to me that alcohol was the trigger for your reaction. That's not an excuse. You need to exercise more control, and alcohol puts yourself not in control. You only have one prior misdemeanor but this does represent a pretty serious crime."

Sick Peverted Faggot 'Gay' couple GEORGE HARASZ AND DOUGLAS WIRTH face trial for ass raping at least 5 of their 9 adopted sons...

What man can resist a smooth tight 10 year old boy's ass?
You can't blame us!


(HARTFORD COURANT) A judge on Friday allowed two Glastonbury men, accused two years ago of sexually assaulting two of their nine adopted boys, to withdraw their no-contest pleas and take their cases to trial.
The unusual action came during what was to be a sentencing hearing for George Harasz and Douglas Wirth, who entered pleas in January to one felony count each of risk of injury to a minor. They agreed to suspended prison sentences. The only issue for Friday’s hearing was to be whether each would be required to register as sex offenders.
But a new allegation of sexual assault against Harasz by one of the victims, contained in a pre-sentence investigation of Harasz, helped scrap the plea agreement. The case was further clouded Friday by disclosure in court of new allegations of abuse by three other of the nine children. No new criminal charges have been filed. 
Funny you don't see the national media covering this news story..... Wouldn't want the faggots to get upset.

UPDATE: It Was A Homosexual Celebration Night When This Occurred - 519 Injured at Water Park Fire - Couldn't anybody find the water at the water park?

True News USA Eye-Witness: It was awful... It looked like hundreds of crispy egg rolls running!

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The number of revelers injured in a fire at a Taiwan water park rose to 519 on Sunday, as authorities began investigating the cause, suspected to be a sudden explosion of a colored powder thrown on those attending the party.

The incident happened when about 1,000 people dancing at Saturday's event were sprayed with the powder, as a special feature of a festival also held in previous years.

The blaze, which broke out at about 8:30 p.m. at the Formosa Fun Coast water park on the outskirts of the capital, Taipei, is suspected to have been caused by an explosion of the colored powder, local government official Lin Chieh-yu told Reuters.

"It remains under investigation as to what made the powder explode," he added, however.

Authorities have banned the use of the powder until the investigation is completed and its safety can be assured.

"The next few days will be a critical time for the injured," Taiwan Premier Mao Chi-kuo told reporters. Of the 519 injured, 419 were still being treated Sunday in 41 hospitals across the island.

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, rescuers treated hundreds of people, most of them between 20 and 30 years old, who wore wet swimsuits and lay on inflatable plastic rafts.

A video posted online by Apple Daily showed dancers in front of the stage engulfed in clouds of colored powder a moment before a fireball erupted, followed by pockets of flame, triggering panic and screams.

"There was blood and people were on fire," one injured man said.

No deaths have yet been reported, but victims suffered burns on limbs and torsos, with some passing out from the pain while others had burned clothes stuck to their skin, media reports and pictures showed.

"Her whole life is ruined," sobbed the father of Chu Li, an 18-year-old girl with burns on 80 percent of her body, during a visit by President Ma Ying-jeou to victims in a Taipei hospital.

Soldiers, army vehicles and medical services joined the rescue effort, while hospitals in four municipal precincts, along with Taipei, are treating the injured.

Colored Romeo Lover - William Lawson Charged With Bigamy - Fat Nasty Mudshark 2nd Wife Brittney Lawson says he loves her

Once he got a taste of my sweet phat punany... he aint going back to those other skanks... 

CINCINNATI -- He might have gotten away with it, if not for that meddling Facebook.
William Lawson, 39, is accused of being married to two women at the same time.
According to Hamilton County Municipal Court records, one of the wives filed a complaint in July 2013 after she noticed Lawson posting about his new marriage on social media.
The incident only recently came to light because of new, unrelated charges that Lawson is facing.
Police said Lawson married Britni Chantel Lindley on May 9, 2013 while still being married to Sharon Lawson.
Court documents state William Lawson was living with Sharon Lawson prior to August 2012 when he moved out. At the time, Sharon Lawson told police she noticed on Facebook in May 2013 that her estranged husband had married again.
Investigators said Hamilton County Court records indicate that William and Sharon Lawson had not divorced prior to William Lawson’s marriage to Lindley.
Sharon Lawson gave a statement to the court that she had been married to William since March 2007. She wrote that, “it’s a proven fact he and I are still married and will not be divorced until September 2013.”
A warrant in his name was issued in July 2013 for bigamy -- a first-degree misdemeanor. He was never arraigned on that charge until about two years later when he was arrested in connection with two other cases.
In the first case, Lawson was charged with theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
Investigators said Lawson is accused of taking an Xbox gaming system from a home he was house sitting at on June 1 and pawning the device. Officers said Lawson also used the victim’s vehicle to sell the device and abandoned the vehicle in Cincinnati.
Lawson was also arraigned on a burglary case from May 2013. Investigators said Lawson tried to take two outside A/C units from a home in the 700 block of Kingfisher Lane.
He was arraigned on all four charges in Hamilton County Court Tuesday morning.

City of Chicago begin to power wash the sidewalks around the Gay Pride Parade to clean up all the sperm, anal leakage and other bodily DNA left by public homosexual sex activities

As businesses, schools and public officials donned rainbow colors, flung beads and danced on floats at Chicago's Pride Parade Sunday, attendees marveled at how far acceptance of the LGBT community has come since the city's first parade 46 years ago.
PHOTO: Lesbian Whale Mating Season - Lynette Boria and Elsa Hernandez, from left, are married on the Thompson Chicago hotel float on North Broadway and West Cuyler Avenue during Chicago's 46th Annual Pride Parade


Coroner: Human Remains found at the Singleton Quarry on Clay Street in south Lake County, Indana not linked to crime because they are from pre-1940 - I guess there were no murders or other crimes before 1940 in Indiana

They find the remains or two people but have no idea how they died or how they got buried there and the bones date back to at least 1940.... And some how they determined it was not a crime.
Great police work! Now go put the crystal ball back.

Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey said "possible human remains" found at the site of the Singleton Stone Quarry in south Lake County are not related to a crime scene.

"I contacted and consulted with Dr. Krista Latham and Dr. Stephen Nawrocki, both board-certified forensic anthropologists with University of Indianapolis, and together determined the findings appear to be older than 1940," Frey said Saturday.

In an email, she said the coroner's office would not be involved in the case.

Veronica Parsell, with Cardno Environmental Consultation Co., found the remains. The company was contracted to dig at the proposed site of the quarry at 18900 Clay St. in Eagle Creek Township to recover artifacts, Frey said.


Yvette King and Anthony Hicks arrested in their Villa Park, IL Section 8 Apartment for Drug Dealing

Two people were arrested Friday night during a drug bust in west suburban Villa Park.
About 8 p.m., officers executed a search warrant at an apartment in the 1000 block of West North Avenue to search for illegal narcotics, according to a statement from Villa Park police.

Officers found heroin, baggies and scales in the residence, police said. They started investigating in May after receiving complaints about drug sales coming from the apartment.

Yvette B. King, 48, and 46-year-old Anthony L. Hicks, both of Villa Park, were both arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, police said.

King was ordered held at the DuPage County Jail on a $75,000 bond while Hicks was ordered held on a $100,000 bond, police said.

Somebody told this young colored buck he could fly! They lied!

The BEST reason why people like firemen more than policemen - The video is just over a minute long.....

New York Escaped Murderer David Sweat shot and captured - His fellow escape Richard "The Rat" Matt was fatally shot earlier this week

A three-week manhunt that began when two convicted murderers staged a brazen prison break involving stolen power tools and hacksaw blades hidden in frozen hamburger meat ended Sunday when a single state police sergeant spotted a suspicious man walking down on a rural road near the Canadian border.

David Sweat's capture came two days after his fellow escapee, Richard Matt, was killed in a confrontation with law enforcement while holding a shotgun. Sweat was unarmed when he was shot twice by Sgt. Jay Cook as the fugitive ran for a tree line.

"If you were writing a movie plot, they would say that this was overdone," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

What's with blacks always crashing whities' parties! Black bear crashes college party, gets collared

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — A college party got a little wild when a black bear showed up.
The black bear, weighing between 300 and 400 pounds, crashed the party early Saturday near the campus of Lehigh University.
Emergency officials received a flood of 911 calls after the bear was spotted around 2 a.m. in south Bethlehem, about 50 miles north of Philadelphia.
The bear "lumbered close to the party and scared the living daylights out of people," police Chief Mark DiLuzio said.
Lehigh University said in a "Bear Update" on its website that the animal was captured, tranquilized and removed from the area a couple hours later.
DiLuzio said the same bear was seen Friday near an arena and the university's athletic facilities, but it ran away into a swampy area.
Tyler Krieder, district officer of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, said a tattoo on the bear's inner lip indicates that it was from New Jersey. Noting that bears are good swimmers, he theorized that the animal swam across the Delaware River to find a new home.
"The bear wasn't any threat to anybody," he said. "It was just looking for somewhere to eat, take a break."
Encroaching development often prompts bears to leave their ranges, and it's not unusual for them to stray into populated areas on their way to a new home, Kreider said. And while young bears can wander into neighborhoods in the spring as they strike out on their own, adult bears also move around this time of year because it is mating season, he said.
The bear remains in the custody of the game commission and is doing fine, Krieder said. Pennsylvania and New Jersey authorities will discuss on which side of the river the animal will be released, he said.

Chicago Police: Black Violence Leads to 2 killed, 10 shot & wounded so far in Chicago weekend shootings

Shootings since Friday night have left two men dead and at least 10 people wounded across the city, according to police.

A 21-year-old man died in the most recent fatal shooting Saturday evening in the South Side Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood.

About 7 p.m., he was standing outside a home in the 7300 block of South Dorchester when someone walked out of a gangway and fired shots before running off, according to Chicago Police.

Walmart makes ISIS cake, refused Confederate flag cake - SHOCKING Exclusive Interview - Walmart Response In Regards To Offensive Cake And Confederate Flag

Walmart makes ISIS cake, refused Confederate flag cake

SHOCKING Exclusive Interview - Walmart Response In Regards To Offensive Cake And Confederate Flag

Man Falls to his Death from 10th Floor - Dash cam - According to the preliminary version the man was trying to climb down with tied bed sheets from the 10th floor.(1:40). VERY GRAPHIC

Crazy Colored Lady Yelling Crazy Stuff and Spreading Her Crazy Asscheeks - But if you asked her to leave, she would say you are only picking on her because she is black.....

Black Female Wildebeests Fight Family Brawl at Chuck E Cheese

Address: N., Parkdale Place, 4180 Dowlen Rd, Beaumont, TX 77706

Published on Feb 7, 2015
Fast food fight at Chuck E Cheese gets way out of hand. This crazy Chuck E Cheese fight must have started over something important like a video game or skee ball tickets. The worst part about this brawl is of course the kids having to witness their parents, who are probably drunk (yes Chuck E Cheese serves booze), throwing punches to solve little disputes. Talk about dumping on a birthday party.